The ebet易博真人 has an Emergency Alert/恶劣天气 Notification Plan. This plan is intended for the immediate transmission of specific information regarding an emergency to all affected areas of the University. 它可能包括与天气有关的信息, 学校关闭信息, or other emergency situations requiring the securing or 疏散 of the campus facilities. 紧急信息发送给学生, 教师和员工通过激活ACE警报紧急系统. 当ACE警报紧急系统被激活时, notification information is sent to in the following manner: calls to campus IP phones, 短信, 电子邮件, 校园房屋喇叭系统, Visix数字标识, 校园自有电脑上的AlertUS桌面.

Upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees occurring on the campus, 大学将, 及时, 并考虑到安全或社区, determine the content of the notification and initiate the Emergency Alert/恶劣天气 Notification Plan, 除非通知会, 在主管部门的专业判断中, 在帮助受害者或遏制疫情方面做出让步, 回复, 或者以其他方式缓解紧急情况.

在事件中存在对校园社区安全的威胁, 公共安全局局长, 或者他/她被任命者, 联系学生事务副主席, 或者他/她被任命者 and the initial information is reviewed for confirmation of the threat and necessary and needed communications is determined. Upon confirmation, the appropriate methods of notification will be initiated. 如果威胁会蔓延到校园之外, the Office of University Relations will inform the local radio and TV stations. This notification will provide specific instructions relative to the emergency including instruction to seek appropriate shelter, 疏散, 或其他适当的行为. 在某些情况下, the university may enlist the assistance of the assigned Building Safety Coordinators for each building, 如有必要,加快行动.


在主动威胁(与天气无关)紧急情况下, an audible tone will play over the IP Phones and the external notification systems. 当汽笛响起, the campus community should consult their text messaging or email for information about the active threat. 你可以听到下面的音调. (Note: Residence Hall sirens will sound in the event of a weather related emergency such as a tornado warning).


注册UE ACE警报紧急消息. 用你的手机获取紧急信息. 请使用终端邮箱地址和密码登录. You can edit your cell phone number and add an additional cell phone numbers and email addresses.


  1. 谁可以使用锐舞守护者?
  2. RAVE Guardian是否传输AceAlert紧急短信?
  3. 锐舞守护者总是跟踪我吗?
  4. Can the Office of 公共安全 or the University track me whenever they want?
  5. 当我的安全计时器到期时,会通知公共安全办公室吗?
  6. 锐舞守护者会让其他人比如我的家人或朋友跟踪我吗?
  7. 如果我忘了关掉安全计时器怎么办?
  8. 通过锐舞守护者提供的情报是匿名的吗?
  9. How does my profile information get collected and sent to the Office of 公共安全?
  10. 我的锐舞守护者资料安全吗?
  11. 锐舞守护者在校外工作吗?
  12. 如果我不用这个app,我还可以联系公共安全办公室吗?
  13. 锐舞守护者有和手机供应商合作吗?
  14. 我必须打开《ebet易博真人》的“推送通知”吗?
  15. 是否有某些因素会影响定位精度(GPS)?
  16. 如果我不再是ebet易博真人的学生或雇员, 我的个人信息还在吗, 我就能使用卫报的服务了?

The application is available for use by all currently registered ebet易博真人 students and current employees. Subscribers to the application must use a ebet易博真人 email address to login.
RAVE Guardian是否传输AceAlert紧急短信?
是的. But we recommend you still enroll into AceAlert to have redundancy of receiving the messages. 要注册,请访问 www.埃文斯维尔.edu/rave
No. 你的隐私至关重要. 只有当你请求帮助时,才能找到你. Rave Guardian location information is only enabled when you choose to make an emergency call or send a tip to the Office of 公共安全.
Can the Office of 公共安全 or the University track me whenever they want?
No. Rave Guardian location information is only activated when the location setting is enabled on your smartphone.
No. 公共安全办公室不能作为你的监护人. Only someone from your personal contacts can be designated as your guardian.
是的, 如果你在任何个人期间指派“监护人”, “定时”用法, 他们将有能力跟踪你的状态. 但是请记住,您完全可以控制这个特性. 只有你编好程序,它才会工作. 你必须请求他们作为守护者. The Guardian will receive an invitation via text with a link to download the app. 他们必须接受你成为守护者. Guardians not associated with ebet易博真人 are called “Social Guardians.“他们将不会有该应用程序的紧急线路或聊天功能.
When using the safety timer, the user will receive a reminder text message 5 minutes before expiring. 如果到期后, a message immediately goes to your chosen guardian(s) and they can call your cell phone.
No. Any tips sent through Guardian will provide the sender’s information to the Office of 公共安全.
How does my profile information get collected and sent to the Office of 公共安全?
You will opt in for this service and provide as much information as you like during the registration process. 使这项服务的全部效益最大化, your user profile should contain a current photo and accurate self-description. 你在个人资料中提供的信息越多, 如果有必要,警察就更容易找到你. The only way the Office of 公共安全 will be able to see any information in your personal profile is if you make an emergency call or activate the Chat feature. 个人档案信息将被视为机密信息.

提示:你提供的信息越多, the more the assisting officers know if they need to assist you in an emergency. 至少, 你应该包括你的地址(家庭和学校), 你的外貌描述和近照. If you have health issues or other personal safety concern, you can include that information as well. 你决定你提供什么.
是的. Rave Mobile Safety (the provider of Rave Guardian) uses the latest in security technologies and processes to ensure that all your information is kept secure and private. Rave还会定期进行安全审计,以确保数据的安全.
是的, the Chat feature works whether you are on- or off-campus; however, 如果您在校外有紧急情况, 你应该拨911. UE紧急线路功能仅在校园1英里范围内工作. 如果你在学校之外给我发了消息, the information will be forwarded to an off-campus law enforcement agency.
绝对. When on-campus, you can contact 公共安全 at 812-488-2051 or use any blue light phone. You can also walk into our office, which is in the General 服务 Building at 1 S. 弗雷德里克·圣.
The basic profile features of Rave Guardian work on any iPhone or Android smartphone running on any U.S.该应用程序安装在美国的移动运营商网络上. Rave Guardian可以在AT上定位大多数智能手机设备&T, Sprint和Verizon网络. 即使锐舞守护者无法确定你手机的位置, all other profile information will be made available to the Office of 公共安全 when you use Rave Guardian.
ebet易博真人建议您允许通知从锐舞守护者. 这将提醒您,当您的计时器即将到期, 当你收到公共安全办公室的消息时, 或者当有人要求你做守护者的时候.
是的. Factors include but are not limited to: whether or not you are calling from inside a building or a “dead spot;” the strength of your cell signal, such as proximity of cell towers or satellites; whether or not your phone is GPS enabled and the type and quality of your phone; carrier and signal. If possible, you should provide detailed location information via text or voice. This will enable the Office of 公共安全 personnel to reach you quickly when Rave Guardian is activated.
如果我不再是ebet易博真人的学生或雇员, 我的个人信息还在吗, 我就能使用卫报的服务了?